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Nigerian Army warns Governor Fayose to steer clear of their affairs and seek other avenues to get relevance

Nigerian Army Has This Strong Message For Fayose
The Ekiti state Governor, Ayo Fayose, must have thought he scored a big point when he blamed corruption in the Army for Boko Haram’s resilience.

While many Nigerians have accepted him for being outspoken and courageous, the Army would have none of Fayose’s opinions as shared by the media.

Here is a message they sent to the Ekiti man via Twitter on Thursday:

Gov Ayodele Fayose should stop politicizing the military&military OPs, seek other avenues for your relevance. The Army today is not corrupt

Fayose had on Sunday July 30, in a statement signed by his Chief Press Secretary, Idowu Adelusi, said that Boko Haram is not defeated.
“It has not even been degraded,” he said The brutal killings by Boko Haram all over the place give the lie to the APC-led Federal Government’s assertion that it has won the battle against insurgency.”

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