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Controversial singer and nudist, Maheeda, has finally bid farewell to bleaching her skin but it is not an easy decision for her.

I’ve been Bleaching my Skin Since 12years Old…Maheeda Reveals
Maheeda revealed that she has been bleaching her skin since when she was 12years of age and that is because she found out that it was what men in her society likes as she needed to hustle her way through life challenges.

She disclosed that she decided to put an end to bleaching because it might likely affect her as she is getting old already going into her 40s.

In her words,
There's a disease of fighting my melanin that I have been struggling with, join me as I try to heal myself... another difficult journey but I CAN from 12 years of age I have been bleaching off my skin. Growing up in a society where light skin is what 90% of the men prefer, I don't blame them tho we always want what we don't have, is normal. I have been planning to stop for years now and the time is finally here. 
“For years now I go dark skinned for 3 months then I stop, and go for six months then I stopped, but now I want to stop it completely. I'm sorry if I have mislead anyone into bleaching their skin, I was just trying to hustle #survival and to all that use to be my fans just because of my fair skin well maybe this is goodbye and to all that love me anyhow I look, thank you and pray for me I need more strength to keep this decision. why did I wanna stop? "Is not working for me health wise" and as I'm getting older, running into 40 likeeee, Will definitely need my melanin!!!! thanks for your understanding.”
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